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These are the most common questions asked regarding eyelash extensions. Please read carefully and if you have a question that was not answered here do not hesitate to send us an email or a text.

Q. What are eyelash extensions?
A. Eyelash extensions are single strands of synthetic eyelashes that are curved to replicate a natural eyelash. The process in which each of your natural lashes is carefully isolated and a faux lash dipped in a tiny amount of semi-permanent adhesive is placed on top, in order to add length and thickness to your natural eyelashes.

Q. Will eyelash extensions cause damage to my natural lashes?
A. No, as long as they are applied correctly, meaning they are not stuck to each other which may prevent them from shedding naturally. It is very important to get your eyelash extensions done by someone who has been certified in eyelash extensions and is very careful. Proper isolation of a single lash is the most important step in this process. But please keep in mind that you also have to be very gentle with your eyelash extensions: no rubbing, pulling or tugging!

Q. Faux Mink, Silk, Siberian Mink, Synthetic? What are the differences?
A. All eyelash extensions are one of two types: real fur (Siberian mink, sable) or synthetic (Faux mink, Silk, Synthetic mink). So the terms silk, faux mink and synthetic are used interchangeably. They are all made of PBT, Polybutylene Terephthalate – a thermoplastic semi-crystalline polymer, a type of polyester. And the real fur lash extensions come from the real animals (to the best of my knowledge these cute animals are not killed for this reason).

Q. How long do eyelash extensions last?
A. From the day you get your gorgeous eyelash extensions done to the day the last one falls out, it can be 2 months. However, if you want them to look full you should get your lash extensions refilled every 2-3 weeks. And here is why: your natural lashes have different growth cycles, meaning some are still growing, some are fully grown, and some are about to shed. And the cycle repeats. It is normal to shed 2-5 natural lashes every day and the ones that are still growing will grow out with the lash extension attached to them, starting to look too far from the base, or starting to twist. That’s why the regular fills are important, if you want your lashes to look full and beautiful.

Q. How do I take care of my eyelash extensions?
A. Please keep them dry for 24 hours after your appointment: no water, no steam, no tears. It takes about 24 hours for the glue to properly ‘cure’, otherwise the bond won’t be as strong and they may shedd quicker. After the 24 hour period you may wash your lashes with an oil-free cleanser or baby shampoo. You DO WANT to keep your lashes clean to avoid eye infections or build-up of makeup, natural oils and dead skin cells. Brush them regularly, yet gently. Try to sleep on your back or if you are a side-sleeper, get a silk pillowcase. Do not rub your eyes and don’t pick your lashes. The less you mess with them, the longer they will last.

Q. Can I wear eye makeup/mascara while I have eyelash extensions?
A. Yes, you may wear eye makeup, however you want to avoid any oil-based products, as oils break down the adhesive. If you feel the need to wear mascara, it has to be water-based or specifically designed for eyelash extensions and only applied on the tips. DO NOT wear strip lashes on top of your eyelash extensions, because removing the strip lashes will remove some of the lash extensions as well and it may pull out your natural lashes with them. If you are looking for a more dramatic look try hybrid or volume lash extensions instead.

Q. How do I remove my eye makeup while I have eyelash extensions?
A. You want to use oil-free makeup remover/cleanser/baby shampoo. Do not use makeup wipes, as those tend to snag your lash extensions. Try to use something lint-free for the same reason. Disposable lip-gloss brushes work great or a soft eye makeup brush.

Q. How do I wash my eyelash extensions?
A. Depending on how much eye makeup you wear on a daily basis, you want to give your eyelash extensions a nice ‘bath’ 2-4 times a week. Use the same products described above, foam it up in your hand, apply to your lash line and work in tiny circular motions. Be very gentle. Rinse with warm water. Do not stand under your shower letting the water hit your eyes directly. Gently pat your lashes dry or use a blow-dryer on a LOW setting and COOL air. Gently brush.

Q. What is the difference between classic//volume/hybrid eyelash extensions?
A. Classic eyelash extensions mean one faux lash is applied to each of your natural lashes one by one. This creates a very natural look. If you naturally have sparse lashes and want fuller, more voluminous look this might not be the best option for you, as we can only extend the lashes that you have. Eyelash extensions cannot be attached to your skin.
Volume or 2D-3D-4D etc. eyelash extensions are done by creating a fan out of very thin faux lashes attached at the base and then adhered to your natural lash. Volume lash extensions can be very natural looking (2D, 3D) or pretty dramatic (5D, 6D per fan – Russian volume). And again the fullness of the finished set depends on how many natural lashes you have and how dramatic you want them to look. It is an advanced technique, therefore you should be careful choosing an artist as not everyone knows how to properly create a fan that will not close up and look like a big bunch of lashes, or use too many faux lashes that will result in putting too much stress on a natural lash and cause breakage. Some artists use pre-made fans that might end up looking like there is too much glue was put on, as the base of those fans tend to be bigger to begin with.
Hybrid lashes – is a 50/50 combination set of classic and volume eyelash extensions.

Q. Do eyelash extensions come in different lengths/curls/colors etc?
A. Yes. Eyelash extensions are super customizable, they come in a variety of lengths from 7 to 18 mm, different thicknesses, types of curl (see the picture below) and colors. The most common are black, but you can request brown lashes or have some colorful lashes put in, like purple, blue, pink, two-tone and three-tone ombre lashes, glitter lashes etc.

Q. Can I be allergic to the glue?
A. Although it is pretty rare, it is possible. If you know that your eyes are very sensitive you may want to come in for a patch test before booking your appointment to see if you have an allergic reaction to the glue. Sometimes people develop an allergy to the glue months or even years after continuous wear of eyelash extensions. In that case we recommend taking the eyelash extensions off and giving your eyes a break.

Q. Should I take a break from having eyelash extensions? How often?
A. Every 6 months to a year taking a two week break may be beneficial, but not necessary. If you decide against taking breaks, we recommend using lash serum while having eyelash extensions to maintain and strengthen your natural lashes.

Q. How do I remove eyelash extensions?
A. Please do not attempt to remove eyelash extensions by yourself. This may result in damaging of your natural lashes. Any lash studio has a specific product made for safe and painless eyelash extensions removal procedure. It works by dissolving the adhesive and makes removal easy.